New House



who would have thought that after only 10 months, we could buy a new house?


I didn’t. . .

shopped around and found a Tudor 1936 house for sale.




the bank said everything was fine.




we did all the preliminaries . . .




then they dumped us . . .




worst feeling ever. I was planning all this stuff, who finds alternative financing three weeks before closing”




we did . . . Crazy?!




everything lined up. We signed and now we own a 1936 Tudor home . . .




flashback to me after the inspection,


the realtor said just leave, I’ll lock up. I was like this might be my home some day I


ihave to stay. . .


I sat down and read a copy of the sun also rises


that was handy.


it was so warm and cozy, I wanted to move in the next day!?

About backlogg

Taking 3 months off to take care of my new son(primary), get an agent for my unpublished novels(very secondary) and keep writing(even more tertiary) . . .
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1 Response to New House

  1. pills7 says:

    We are so happy for you! It is cozy and has similar features to my childhood home in Roseville 🙂 Love it!

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